Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frugal Home Decor Challenge

It's been a while since I have yet again posted (I have a bad habit of that).  However I think having a challenge like this will hopefully keep me on my toes.

Yesterday I was looking through some potential crafts.  I was coming up with a list of "to do" projects that I would like to tackle.  However, as I brain stormed, the dollar signs were starting to pile up.   Even the smallest projects can add up unbelievably.

Then it hit me.  Why not give myself a challenge?  For the rest of the year - when it comes to home decor updates, my challenge is to spend no more than $10 per month. 

$10 per month?  That's crazy!  But I think that given that simple parameter, it will really help me to think outside of the box (and probably think into the trash) and give me the motivation to create some neat/unique things that I normally wouldn't.

My rules:

I can only spend $10 each month.
I CAN use coupons, specials, incentive points, etc. (ie, greenbax or the like)
I CAN reuse and repurpose any item I already own or an item that is gifted to me (my birthday is in October afterall). 
I CAN use freecycled items, things that other people are tossing, etc.

So wish me luck!! 

My first goal - I am going to make curtains out of something I already have.  Not sure if I want to use fabric that I already have or if I want to use something else.  I will make it happen though.