Thursday, May 27, 2010

BBQ Pizza Recipe

I know this isn't a crock pot recipe, but it is one of my favorites to make.  It is quick and easy and a hit.

Prepackaged roll out Pillsbury pizza dough
1 container bbq sauce
1 large onion cut
cooked chicken breast, diced
1 package shredded cheese - I like using mozzerella
Optional - jalapeno peppers

1.  Roll out pizza dough and "pre-cook" per package instructions.
2.  For this next step, I'm going to tell you what we do because my husband LOVES pizza drenched in sauce.  You can cut back to your specifications.  But I will squirt a good portion (about 1/3) of the bottle onto the dough and spread around liberally.
3.  Add chopped onions - chop as thinly or coarsely as you'd like.  We like thicker onion chunks, some like smaller bits.
4.  Add the chicken.  Usually I will use whatever chicken we have on hand.  If I'm doing breasts, I may use 2 cooked breasts.  I've used canned chicken before (1 big can) and that works.  I've also used half of a pack of those pre-cooked chicken breast strips from Tyson's before as well - I just cut them up a little more. 
5.  Drizzle another 1/3 of the bottle or more of BBQ sauce over the chicken and onions.
6.  Sprinkle 1/2 package of pre-shredded cheese liberally over pizza.
7.  Opitional - if you want some kick, add a few jalapeno peppers on it at this point.
8.  Bake for about 15 min. 


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Chick Fil A

I do love some Chick Fil A.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Alison, I got a lead on a free spicy chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A.

Go to asap and reserve your sandwich.  There are limited sandwiches and you must reserve it in advance.  Many places are already sold out!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedroom make over

I'm working on a bedroom makeover right now.  More of a mini makeover.  I'm trying to do it frugally. 

I bought the bed pictured at right.  It was on sale at and was a great deal.  This is the exact kind of bed I'd been wanting for years but could never find one like it, and certainly not one for $200. 

My existing comforter and linens will stay.  They are a light brown with a little shimmer in them.

I'm painting the walls a blue color - similar to the ones pictured, but maybe a little brighter.

I'm hoping to get some prints from one of my friends who does a lot of flower/plant photography.  I'd like to get a series of three.

I'm going to post pictures when I get everything finalized.  I'm just in paint mode right now.

Oh - and I'm going to paint our existing furniture as well.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Really behind this week!

I'm really behind this week.  I didn't get out a crock pot post and I've been trying my hardest to figure out time to take more pictures of my stuff and add to my etsy site, but its just been a crazy few weeks.  My goal is to try to take some this afternoon. 

I'll be participating in the Rhythm and Blooms event at the Riverbanks Zoo...taking my camera and plan to take a bunch of photos of my stuff there!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crawfish Festival

Had a great time at the Rosewood Crawfish Festival. 

To anyone who stopped by - thank you!

To anyone who purchased items - I greatly appreciate your business.

I'm working to get some additional items added to Etsy, but for the time being if you have a particular item (be it hat, necklace or any other item) please feel free to email me and I will gladly work with you to make the custom item that you would love!