Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedroom make over

I'm working on a bedroom makeover right now.  More of a mini makeover.  I'm trying to do it frugally. 

I bought the bed pictured at right.  It was on sale at and was a great deal.  This is the exact kind of bed I'd been wanting for years but could never find one like it, and certainly not one for $200. 

My existing comforter and linens will stay.  They are a light brown with a little shimmer in them.

I'm painting the walls a blue color - similar to the ones pictured, but maybe a little brighter.

I'm hoping to get some prints from one of my friends who does a lot of flower/plant photography.  I'd like to get a series of three.

I'm going to post pictures when I get everything finalized.  I'm just in paint mode right now.

Oh - and I'm going to paint our existing furniture as well.

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