Sunday, July 25, 2010

Free Offer: Kids N Pets

As a "mommy" to four fur babies (plus one husband and one actual baby), as you can imagine it is a chore to keep the carpets cleaned.  Our littlest dog, despite our best efforts, still has serious marking issues (he'll hike his leg to anything new on the ground if we don't watch him closely).  Plus we just had a bout with our bigger dog getting sick over something she ate.  Needless to say, we went through a lot of carpet cleaner. 

I needed to get some new stuff and went to Walmart.  I came across this "Kids N Pets" carpet cleaner and thought "hmmm, I have kids.  I have pets.  This is perfect!"  And the fact that it says it is endorsed by Animal Planet, gets my vote. 

However the biggest perk is that it had a little tag on it that said if someone "likes" them on Facebook, they will get a full rebate for the purchase of the product. 

I haven't actually tried out this product yet, so I can't give too much input, however, I thought I'd go ahead and pass along the coupon:!/kidsnpetsbrand?ref=search&v=wall

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