Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping Diary

This is probably way too much information, but I thought I'd share my Black Friday experience. My dad went with me this year,, which was his first time going on on Black Friday. He was a great companion shopper as he was pretty much just along for the ride. And he kept offering to carry bags. So yay!

Let me also preface this with the fact that my husband knows I love to shop myself (and he doesn't, which is fine with me). So he and I talked the night before and I asked if I could buy some stuff for myself that he could wrap and put under the tree. I know some of you may scoff at this idea, thinking it uncaring, unromantic, whatever. But it was a win-win situation for both. I get the joy of shopping, getting good deals, and picking out exactly what I want. He gets to get me exactly what I want and make me happy. Win, Win.

Or as Michael Scott would say: Win, Win, Win.

3:15 AM : Wake up and get ready.

3:40 AM: Leave the house.

4:00 AM: Get to JC Penney right as the door is opened. Dad and I each get our cute snow globes (for free) to add to my collection. Shop around for goodies. Got a gift for my hubby (won't go into detail in case he reads this). Stand in long line and pay.

4:40 AM: Wrap up at JC Penney. We get a tip from another shopper that the first guests into Belk get a gift card. We head to Belk.

5:00 AM: We are in fact in the "first" to get in. Dad and I each get a $5 gift card. I also have a 15% off coupon. I eye a gorgeous sweater that another woman is carrying. I track down the location. The sweater is on a 50% off rack. Was $44. Now is $22. Plus I have the 15% off coupon. Then I have the gift cards. I love the sweater so much that I pick out two colors. For a little more than $30, I get two gorgeous sweaters (from hubby to me). We got upstairs. I buy my dad (who was with me and actually picked them out) three Van Heusen button down shirts. They are Buy ONE, Get TWO free. So I buy one, get two free. And I got to use my 15% off coupon again! Score! Dad's gift down!

5:45 AM: Consider buying moisturizer from Lancome. I need some more and figured I could again use my 15% off coupon. Then I remembered that I was going to save and get a drug store brand. Skip out on the expense. (I was saving, right?)

6:00 AM: Other stores in the mall begin opening. Went to Williams Sonoma with my dad. Went to Champs with my dad. (Both of these stores were his idea).

6:30 AM: Bath and Body Works. They have all of their regular line on sale, buy 3 get 2 free. They also have this cool tote with full size products, a $106 value for only $15 with a $40 purchase. I get some stuff (for gifts), he gets some stuff (for gifts), and then he treats me to the bag of goodies (thanks Dad!). I will say that this bag was a great value, as I got two full size shower gels, two full size lotions, headache relief aromotherapy, new bath pouf, a bag, and more. Not shabby for $15.

6:45 AM: My dad stands in line and finishes up our purchases and Bath and Body Works (awwww) while I go ahead over to New York and Company. I find a cute handbag for 50% off that I like. I pick it up as a gift for me, from hubby. Unbeknownst to me, I get a free watch. Yay!

7:00 AM: Head to World Market. Get a few little goodies for today.

7:15 AM: Get scratching post present for cats for Christmas.

7:30 AM: Get video game for my brother at Best Buy, using some reward certificates ($10 worth). Yay.

8:00 AM: Finish up the morning with a breakfast (treated by dad) at IHOP. How sweet.

I still have to run out to Walmart later on this weekend and see if I can get that vaccuum for my grandma. That wasn't a doorbuster though. Hopefully Walmart will have more in stock. I just couldn't do Walmart this AM.

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