Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready, Set, Save!

So this is my first official blog for my Frugal Fairy site. I thought that to kick it off I'd just share my reasoning behind WHY I started the site.

For most of my life I have been frugal. Sure, there were years as a child where I didn't know the value of money. But for the most part, I have been very conscious of how I spend my money.

To give credit where credit is due, it started with my parents. I would get a modest allowance for doing housework (teaching me that I had to do something to get money). I would save all of my earnings in the United Federal Bank of Mom (which unfortunately didn't earn any interest - I think I'll have to talk to her about that). When we'd go to a store and I'd see something that I wanted to spend my money on, I would look up at my mom with puppy dog eyes and say "Mom, can I get that Super Pretty in Pink Veterinarian Barbie?" This would lead my mother to respond with one simple comment: "It's Your Money." Of course, even though the words were simple, the undertones were always the same: "It's your money - but I really wouldn't waste money on that if I were you. You don't need it."

So being the goody-goody child that I was, I'd generally put it back (unless I really really REALLY wanted it) and then save up for something bigger and better.

I learned a great deal about dollar stretching and getting creative from my childhood as well. My parents had me at a young age and at a point in their life where they were just getting started with their lives together. That meant that while the love was definitely flowing in our family, cash was not. And for my family, being as wonderful as they are, that never meant I had to go without. It just meant that we had to be creative about things.

Instead of going out and buying packs of Barbie clothes, my Barbie had Barbie grandma and my mom would sew and crochet original pieces for my dolls!! My mom would bring back leftover worksheets, work books, text books and more from school (she is a teacher), which would bring me endless hours of fun playing school. My dad would bring home goodies from his work with a food systems company (I got a bunch of promotional Pound Puppies once and thought I'd hit the motherload!). I remember using a cardboard box, crayons and markers, and scissors to make a Barbie house and a My Little Pony stable. We had an entire box of markers, crayons, etc that I would use to make little arts and crafts projects with and create my own paper dolls and such.

Anyway - as I got older and got my own job and money, I've kept that same philosophy. Just because I don't have money for something, it doesn't limit me. I just have to be creative about it. This means that yes, sometimes I have to be flexible. I have to make concessions. I cut back on things that I don't care about to enjoy things I do care about.

Over the years I've created certain shopping habits and rituals that have saved me large amounts of money but have given me even more satisfaction. I've learned how to make do with some things, create my own fun, and really enjoy my lifestyle.

And as I've done this, I've continually shared with others my savings and creative ideas. My friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers are constantly suprised with my findings and at least "seem" to love suggestions that I provide on saving strategies.

And I do love to write. So I figured this blog would be perfect for that outlet. I'll share tips, tricks, and stories about saving, being frugal, and being "crafty". Sit back and enjoy!

Oh - And of course I tied it in with another "love" in my life - fairies. I've loved fairies for a long time now. They are fanciful and fun and always make me feel like a creative kid.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions for me, please feel free to comment or email me at

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  1. Love your writing and your ideas! Can't wait for your next post.