Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recycling onesies/baby clothes

I've been trying to figure out what to do with old onesies/outfits that Jackson can't wear anymore.  Some of them I didn't want to put up.  Some I didn't want to part with.  And yes, some I've already stored away in case we decide to add to the brood. 

Realistically I didn't want to save all of the clothes for a potential "second" anyway because:

1.  We didn't even really use all of the ones we had not anyway.
2.  Even if we have another, we are kidding ourselves to think that we wouldn't end up buying more clothes anyway.  As frugal as I love to be, clothes can be pretty cheap, plus people like to give them.

Hence my researching different recycling projects.  I now have two projects at hand.  One that I have completed (see below) and one that I am going to collect items for.

The latter is a small blanket/quilt made out of onesies.  Specifically, since Jackson has a good bit of Gamecock apparel, I would love to make a small quilt out of all of his Gamecock stuff as he grows out of it.  I've already put aside several onesies that either fit this bill directly or match it (like black ones where I could use just a plain black square to fill in).  I'm collecting those as he outgrows them and putting them to the side until I have enough to satisfy my needs.

The first project though is my "onesie crinkle blanket" project.  Here is the link to the site where I got the idea:  http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2010/04/recycle-stained-clothes-into-baby-toy/  Her's are nicer than mine.  I did this and didn't think to go get some more ribbon to use.  Not to mention that the jersey fabric onesies that I used were not easy to sew with.  The fabric of course was worn and so it made it harder to work with and get straight lines.

I took these items of clothing (two onesies, one gown, one shirt and a hat/cap):

And turned it into this:

And since you can't actually hear it through the pics, when you play with them they crinkle!

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