Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tales of Negotiation

My husband and I recently decided to do a few home improvements to make way for baby!  We needed a new storage shed to keep all of the odds and ends Jackson is ultimately going to outgrow (that we want to hold on to just in case we decide to have another munchkin).  Since we're starting to outgrow things now and we are running out of indoor storage space, this jumped up on our priority list. 

I went and got a quote on a new shed.  It was kind of expensive, but not as bad as I thought.

While we were brainstorming, we thought "hey - we really need a new fence too."  Ours is very  old and has old wood and nails and it screams TETANUS.

I called up the place that quoted us for the shed.  I explained what we wanted and they sent out an estimator.  The guy told us how much the fence would cost.

It was actually MORE than I thought (I had no idea how much a fence would cost). 

Fast forward - I called and told them we were thinking about doing both and wanted to see if, in doing both, they'd give us a price break. 

Several conversations later, basically for a little more than the price of the fence we're also getting the shed.  And they are going to tear out our existing stuff and haul away the old.

That's going to save us about $1000.

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